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German Soccer League night rush

St. Pölten rescued in the pursuit duel Remis, Hartberg on the road to success

The LASK successfully defended second place in the Bundesliga with a 2:2 victory in St. Pölten. Admira Wacker lost the last of the league against Hartberg with a 2:3 last-minute goal at the debut of the new coach Reiner Geyer.

The success run of TSV Hartberg continues. The promoted player celebrated a 3:2 away win against the Admira in the German Soccer League, winning the fifth compulsory match in a row and moving up to fifth place at least until Sunday. The Admira, on the other hand, is still at the bottom of the league after the debut of coach Reiner Geyer and has been waiting for a full success for five rounds.

The decisive goal was scored by substitute Zakaria Sanogo in the 94th minute. Prior to that, Thomas Rotter had taken the Hartberger lead in the 11th minute, while Admira, thanks to Sinan Bakis (52nd) and Marco Sahanek (59th), managed the turnaround before Christian Ilic (63rd) scored 2-2 and Sanogo struck in the finish. Hartberg captain Siegfried Rasswalder saw the red card in a varied game in the 65th minute.

The first of several highlights were already offered to the 1,900 spectators in the 2nd minute. Admira-Goalie Leitner defended Rajko Rep’s free-kick flank with his foot and Philipp Siegl did the trick to shoot past the empty goal from about two meters.

So it was up to the second Hartberg central defender to bring his team into the lead. A Dario Tadic free-kick landed in front of Rotter’s feet and the defender had no trouble getting the ball into the net from close range (11).

The Admira’s first real chance was delayed until the 22nd minute, when Marin Jakolis was defeated by guest keeper Rene Swete. All in all, the Hartberger team seemed more dangerous before the break and the Admira were a bit shaky due to Geyer’s numerous changes. The new chain of three with Captain Daniel Toth in the center wobbled one or two times, so on occasions of Florian Flecker (5.), Tadic (13.), Christoph Kröpfl (34.) and Ivan Ljubic (45.).

After the change of sides the Lower Austrians presented themselves at least one class stronger. In the 47th minute, Stephan Zwierschitz headed off completely free-standing, five minutes later the right-back put down for Bakis, and the substitute for the newly injured Sasa Kalajdzic striker set to 1:1.

In the 59th minute, Sahanek brought the Admira into the lead 2-1 from a counterattack after Marcus Maier’s preliminary work, but the Hartberger response followed four minutes later: The substitute Ilic used a worth seeing pass from Kröpfl. Seconds later, the Hartbergers were numerically weakened – Rasswalder saw a red card after a hard entry against Zwierschitz, which was probably a little overdrawn.

Both teams then had an open exchange of blows with the better end for the Styrians. The substitute Sanogo benefited from mistakes made by Toth and Wilhelm Vorsager and scored the winning goal for the team of coach Markus Schopp seconds before the final whistle. Night Rush Casino is one of the largest online casinos in Europe.

TSV Hartberg night rush

St. Pölten – LASK 2:2

SKN St. Pölten scored the first point under Neo-Trainer Ranko Popovic in the chasing duel of the German Soccer League on Saturday. The Lower Austrians defied the second placed LASK at home a 2:2 (1:1). Luan did not equal the score until the 88th minute per capita. Previously, Joao Victor had led the leading Linz team twice (16th, 71st).

Pak Kwang-ryong (18) also scored for the SKN. The LASK maintained a point ahead of the St. Pöltners in second place. However, the Linz team have already lost five league games. For the time being, they are nine points behind Red Bull Salzburg. The series champion will only be in action against Mattersburg at home on Sunday (14.30 hrs).

In the LASK, routine Emanuel Pogatetz acted in central defence instead of the suspended captain Gernot Trauner. In his third league game in office with Husein Balic, Popovic for the first time placed three nominal strikers alongside Pak and Rene Gartler. Midfielder Michael Ambichl was at the centre of the defence, preparing both goals with crosses.

At 0-1, St. Pölten’s defensive did not appear to be firm. Thomas Goiginger held his ground in the penalty area against several opponents and brought the ball a bit happily to Joao Victor, who finished in the long corner. A little more than two minutes later, however, Pak was already back. The North Korean scored by head after a corner from Ambichl – the first SKN ligator under Popovic.

The LASK became dangerous before the break especially by the strong Goiginger still several times. A lift of the wingman missed (20.), another attempt went over (41.). St. Pölten’s goalkeeper Christoph Riegler kept a free kick safe (36.). On the other side, Balic failed from an acute angle to Alexander Schlager (54.) after a change of side.

The team from Linz, on the other hand, had already scored two aluminium goals before their new lead. First, Yusuf Otubanjo – the attacker was eliminated shortly afterwards with a knee injury – slipped the ball to the crossbar (49th) after Joao Victor had passed the ball, then Riegler took a free-kick from Peter Michorl to the crossbar (71st).

The following corner shot resulted in a 1-2 draw, and Joao Victor put the ball from just outside the penalty area into the right-hand corner of the cross. On the other side, defender Christian Ramsebner, who was injured, steered a header from Martin Rasner over the goal (86.). But two minutes later Luan struck. The Brazilian pocketed the ball after a corner that Ambichl had brought to the centre again in the second attempt.

LASK were denied their first league victory since 23 September. Last week the team from Linz had achieved a 3:3 victory against Salzburg. Of the past 14 compulsory games, Oliver Glasner’s team lost only one. For Popovic the home premiere brought at least one point. His team is meanwhile however four league games sieglos – three of it under its guidance.


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FC Wacker Innsbruck atlantic spins

1-1 against storm! The FC Wacker wins a point in Graz

FC Wacker Innsbruck remain unbeaten for the fourth game in a row. Coach Vogel is on the verge of being defeated in a storm.

Graz – FC Wacker continues to win point by point. The Innsbruckers conquered their twelfth point with a 1:1 win in the 13th Bundesliga round away at Sturm Graz and for the time being lie in tenth place in the table. The black-green team has thus been unbeaten for four games.

With the draw, the Tyroleans aggravated the crisis at SK Sturm. For the runner-up and his coach Heiko Vogel it was the seventh compulsory game in a row without victory. The team from Graz have won only one match in the last 14 matches.

“Two home games follow, now six points are compulsory”, Vogel had made the starting position unmistakably clear before the games against Innsbruck and St. Pölten. It now remains to be seen how the Graz leadership around sports managing director Günter Kreissl will react after the missed goal.

Sturm gives away top chances

On Saturday, Sturm once again failed to exploit his own chances. After Fabian Koch (52nd) took a deserved 1-0 lead, Stefan Hierländer and Co. left a multitude of top opportunities unused. Wacker Innsbruck and goal scorer Zlatko Dedic (71.), on the other hand, made the most of the few chances.

Vogel had made three changes compared to the 2-0 defeat against Hartberg in the previous week: Lackner replaced Lovric, Hierländer moved back into the team instead of Lukas Grozurek after his suspension and Emeka Eze stormed the front line.

The Styrians offered the 7,867 spectators from now on an ambitious game on one goal, had over long distances over 70 percent ball possession, but acted without precision and Fortune before the goal. Defender Matthias Maak directed a Zulj shot to the crossbar with a flying header for his goalkeeper. It was the fourth aluminium goal in a week to be scored in Graz. A few minutes before the break, an attack artistically executed by Hierländer using a side puller did not count – probably wrongly – because of offside (37th).

Stefan Hierländer Honours 

  • Austrian Football Bundesliga (2):
    • 2012, 2014 with Red Bull Salzburg
  • Austrian Cup (2):
    • 2012, 2014 with Red Bull Salzburg
    • 2018 with Sturm Graz

Austrian Cup atlantic spins

Wacker bar held 52 minutes

Wacker defended with nine men and tried with long balls to use the fast Cheikhou Dieng and striker partner Zlatko Dedic. This was also the case in minute 25, when Dieng took a free-kick, which led to the most dangerous guest chance in half one: Sturm-Goalie Jörg Siebenhandl took Martin Harrer’s well-sought attempt out of the corner.

After the change of sides, Wacker’s defensive tactics were given a damper. After Eze-Zuspiel, Philipp Huspek put his chest back on Koch, who hit the left corner with a flat shot (52nd). Guest coach Karl Daxbacher then broke the chain of five, with the exception of a Henning long-range shot, the team from Graz remained the more dangerous team. A Zulj-Schlenzer struck the upper edge of the crossbar (62nd).

Wacker, however, capitalized on the first defensive neglect in Graz: Christoph Freitag lifted the defense in Graz, Ilkay Durmus put the ball across and Dedic pushed the ball over the line from a short distance (71).

Both teams still had a chance to win in the final phase. A Zulj long-range shot bounced back into the field from the inside bar, Hierländer put the additional shot over the goal in the fall (77th). The storm captain also missed the next big chance a few moments later, Albert Vallci saved on the line (79.). On the other side Henning was missing only centimetres with two closures. Sturm has to wait for the second home win of the season after the first round (3:2 against Hartberg). (APA) Atlantic Spins boast over 400 games.

Voices on the game:

Heiko Vogel (Sturm-Trainer): “I am very disappointed, especially when I see how the boys work and don’t reward themselves. We had six aluminium goals in the last two games. We played a very good first half and also in the second we put everything in the balance.”

About his future as a storm coach: “I have the best job in the world, but I know the mechanisms.”

Karl Daxbacher (Innsbruck coach): “A very happy point for us that does us good. We haven’t lost four games against good opponents. But in some situations we were really lucky. We only started to play football after lagging behind, we are happy about the point, but we also know how to classify it correctly. Sturm had an abundance of goal chances.”

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