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The UKs Most Memorable Rugby Moments

When you think about it, would you be able to name some of the most memorable moments in rugby history? That is for England’s national team, of course. We all have a specific moment we will never forget, like how the roses beat Australia in the 2013 World Cup finals.

In this post we take a walk down memory lane and recall some of our favourite rugby moments over the past couple of years.

1.  2003: World Cup Final

Who could ever forget that moment when England finally won the world cup in 2003 during the final against Australia? One of the most nail-biting matches in the history of the roses, they came out tops with a score of England 20 Australia 17.

2. 2003: England vs New Zealand

In this match where England played against the All Blacks on their home turf, things didn’t look good. With two yellow cards and only thirteen players however they took it in stride and beat the All Blacks by two points. The score was England 15, New Zealand 13 and is considered to be one of the greatest moments in rugby.

3. 2003: World Cup Semi-Final

During the world cup semi-final in 2003 the boys went up against France and came out smelling like roses. The match is considered to one of England’s best during the 2003 World Cup, with an amazing score of England 24, France 7.

4. 1980: Grand Slam Win

In this incredible match England took Scotland down a notch or two. The match was played at Murrayfield, where the roses showed off with a hat-trick by John Carleton and five tries. Their very first Grand Slam title, the final scoreboard was England 30, Scotland 18.

5. 2007: World Cup Quarter Final

The Roses proved themselves against all odds during the 2007 World Cup Quarter Final in Marseilles against the Aussies. Even though everyone was voting against them, the team came out tops and beat the Wallabies with a very impressive score of England 12, Australia 10.

Now that you’ve got your fill of nostalgia, you are probably looking forward to supporting they boys in their next matches. Be sure to keep an eye on our Events page for the latest updates on upcoming events and matches around the globe!

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The Top 5 Rugby Players of All Time

Have you ever wondered about who the best rugby players of all time would be? Would you be able to come up with a list of your own, naming some of the greatest players of all time? It is a rather difficult task, as each player has his own set of unique talents, and we may also be biased in some cases.

In this post we take a look at some of the greatest rugby players of all time. Spoiler alert, the list features one UK player.

1. New Zealand’s Jonah Lomu

If you have never heard of Jonah Lomu before, you are not a big rugby fan. This legendary player was inducted in the International Rugby Hall of Fame in 2007 for his amazing sportsmanship and performance.

2. New Zealand’s Carlos Spencer

Spencer is undoubtedly considered as the world of rugby’s best fly-halves to date. During his career he earned 35 caps, and scored 291 points while playing for the All Blacks during 1995-2004. Nowadays, Spencer is coaching South African team the Eastern Province Kings.

3. England’s Martin Johnson

One of England’s best players to date has to be Martin Johnson. Johnson is considered to be one of the world’s best locks in the history of rugby. As captain of the national team, Johnson led the boys to victory during the 2003 rugby world cup.

4. France’s Serge Blanco

Thought of as one of the best fullbacks in rugby, Serge Blanco played for France during the very first world cups where he scored the deciding try against Australia during the semi-final. During his career Blanco earned 93 caps for France’s national team.

5. New Zealand’s Zinzan Brooke

Brooke is regarded as the world’s 8th greatest player of all time in the history of rugby, but also as one of the best flankers. While playing for the All Blacks, Brooke earned 58 caps and scored 89 points. He also held the world record for scoring seventeen tries in test matches when he retired.

And that’s a wrap! Who would you say is the greatest rugby player of all time? Do you agree with our list of the top five players, or would you include another player based on other merits? Let us know your thoughts and contact us!

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