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Welcome to Boroughmuir RFC – for all the latest in Rugby news.

David Williams, the founder of this blog, is not only a rugby fanatic, but also an avid player and coach. Throughout the years, he has followed every match, player, and team. David decided to share his insights with fellow rugby fanatics and launched this blog.

The blog has grown quite a bit since then, and David recruited a couple of other rugby fans to join and share their take on matches and players. As big rugby fans, we all share in the joys and tribulations of every match, national or international.

On our blog, you can expect coverage on breaking news in the world of sport but more importantly, rugby.


We’ll keep you updated on all the matches, when they are scheduled, and who you’ll be seeing on the field that day.


Our team of writers are on top of things in the world of rugby. We’ll make sure you can expect nothing but the latest rugby news when you subscribe.


As rugby fanatics, our team stay updated with every aspect of the teams, players, and any related factor. We’ll share our unbiased views and predictions right here.

Be sure to contact us if you would like to have a chat about an upcoming match, or anything related to rugby.

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