Rugby Football Club

Paintball Trip

December 2009

On Sunday 13th December, a hardy group of idiots made their way to Bedlam paintball at 8.30 am (yes, 8.30am!!) to have a day at Bedlam paintball, organised by Derek Murray and courtesy of Offy donating a prize he won.

We were split into the following teams; 


Derek Murray, Stu “Steamy Windows” Clark, Callum “Ninja” Murray, Ruaridh Inverarity, Kev Brown. 


Andy Clark, Chris “The Nighthawk” Whitelock, Roddy McKenzie, Scott Richards, Jonny “Tinkywinky” Latta, Nick “Tinkywinky” Fraser, Justin “Paintball Wizard” Tito.

Despite a clear numerical advantage, the blacks were sorely lacking in intelligence and common sense and the usual banter and ribbing began in earnest, with the opening comment made to Jonny and Nick as they donned their ill fitting boiler suits about their uncanny resemblance to the purple telly tubby, Tinkywinky!


Jonny Latta

Nick Fraser

The initial games involved securing crates and defending a base.  The result of these was a 1-1 draw. The black team superbly attacked the blues defensive position, expertly outflanking and taking out one side of the defence.  This allowed JT to make a Japanese-esque charge into the base and dive in with his mock bomb. 

By this point players were singling each other out for targeting.  Jonny Latta, clearly had his eye on giving Coach Brown a bit of a pasting and made no secret of his desire to fire off a few hundred paintballs in his direction.  However, the tables were turned on Latta during the game “capture the village”.  Brown charged Latta demanding his surrender from a wooden hut.  Latta, believing the rules of the Geneva Convention would be upheld, duly surrendered.  As his hands rose into the air, Brown levelled his gun and loosed off a murderous volley of shots with a shout of “get it up ye!”  Needless to say, Tinkywinky wasn’t happy!

Justin Tito had failed to reveal to the boys he was the 1998 New Zealand Paintball champion and his stalking of the playing zones helped the black team to kill off some of the opposition.  Bedlam paintball have never shifted so much paint to one player.  Tito is going to check in Paintballers Anonymous soon.

The highlight of the day was the fort game.  Both teams got a chance to storm a wooden fort being defended by the other team.  The aim of the game was to get into the fort and kill the defenders.  As the black team attacked Jonny Latta provided an excellent diversion by tripping head first into the mud.  This almost allowed the blacks victory as the blues rolled around decking themselves at Latta going flying.  Fortunately, some stout defence stopped the black team from entering the defensive position.

When the blues attacked, some superior tactics allowed the crack unit of Murray, Murray and Brown to launch a sustained smoke bomb attack and storm the front door.  Unfortunately, the blacks had this covered and annihilated the attackers in a hail of paint.  By the very fact that the blues got these and other players into the fort, they claimed the moral victory and the Championship, 4-3.

A great outing for all those involved was ended with a trip to Burger King where Roddy McKenzie and Chris Whitelock enjoyed the ball pit and slides.

The banter and camaraderie was excellent and left the boys wanting another group outing.  Go Karting was suggested and will be organised for some time in the spring.  



December 2009

Just a quick  thank you to all  of those who supported the Muir Moustachios during Movember. You helped us raise, as a team, over £2,200 and we feel very privileged to have you as our supporters. The five Mo's called Andy, George, Allan, Stuart and Alec are shown below just before the "shave-off".

To date, Movember has raised £19,356,172 worldwide with Edinburgh Mo growers contributing over £158,000 to that total.

Having set the bar this year we will be out to improve on it next year - be warned, we will be back and we will want your money.




Christmas Shopping

December 2009

Christmas Shopping at Boroughmuir. The new replica kit is in stock, home and away, in sizes ranging from xxs to xl. We also have new undershirts - The Optimum Thermal Protection - plus many more items available.


Open - Tuesday 15th and Thursday the 17th December between 19:00 - 21:00, Plus the normal Match day and Sunday opening times up till Christmas


Charlie McLennan

November 2009

It is with great sadness that we report the death, on Thursday 26 November, of Charlie McLennan, a former pupil and PE teacher at Boroughmuir High School, one of the surviving members of our championship winning side of 1954/55 and a lifelong supporter of the club.

Charlie's illness was only diagnosed in September, and unfortunately he was not well enough to attend our 90th anniversary lunch a few weeks ago. Charlie (81) attended almost every home game and many away matches with his brother Tom, our oldest supporter at 96 and his partner Maureen, to both of whom, along with all of Charlie's family, we extend our deepest sympathy.

The funeral arrangements will be posted on the site when known and a fuller appreciation of all that Charlie McLennan meant to Boroughmuir will appear shortly.



November 2009

The President, George Clark and the two Vice-Presidents, Alex Scott and Allan Digance are growing moustaches this year for Movember.  The 'Muir Moustachios, as they are known,  have decided to put down their razors for the month of November to help raise awareness and funds for men's health - specifically prostate cancer.

What many people don't appreciate is that one man dies every hour of prostate cancer in the UK, more than 35,000 men will be diagnosed this year and that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK.  Facts like these have convinced the trio that they should get involved and they are hoping that club members will support them.

To donate to their cause, you can either:

Many thanks,

The 'Muir Moustachios


Statement by Boroughmuir RFC

October 2009

"The Board of Boroughmuir RFC were extremely concerned by an article, containing an allegation of racial abuse against one of our players, which appeared in a newspaper on Tuesday of last week. We made extensive enquiries, speaking on a number of occasions to the player concerned and to other players, coaches and team management who were involved in the match and were in the vicinity of the alleged incident after the game ended. We also spoke with Glasgow Hawks, who were investigating the matter themselves.

Having completed our investigations, we concluded, on the basis of the evidence presented, that the player did not have a case to answer and accordingly advised him of this and told our coaches on Wednesday that he should be regarded as available for selection against Dundee HSFP. The Board also agreed that with no formal allegation having been made against the player, either by Glasgow Hawks or their player, no statement regarding the alleged incident would be made to the media.

We advised Glasgow Hawks of the evidence we had taken. Glasgow Hawks have stated that they do not intend that the matter should be taken any further.

In light of the continued press speculation, which is damaging to the player, the club and the game of rugby union the Board have decided to issue this statement, to confirm that immediate enquiries were made following the publication of the article, and to confirm the outcome of those enquiries, which have also been communicated to the Scottish Rugby Union, the sport's governing body.

Boroughmuir is a completely inclusive rugby club. The diversity of past and present players and members from all our age groups, from all walks of life and from a very wide background, both cultural and ethnic, is a source of pride for all of our members and we would not tolerate discrimination against anyone on any ground.

George Clark



90th Anniversary

October 2009

7 November marks a very significant milestone for the club, as we will be marking the 90th anniversary of our very first match, against Old Stewartonians.

On that day we play Stewarts-Melville and there will be a commemorative lunch beforehand. Places are available at £20 each and this lunch is guaranteed to be an absolute sell-out, so book your places quickly to avoid disappointment.

There will be a list in the clubhouse next week, but if you don't want to take the risk of missing out, please e-mail the President a


Club's Oldest Supporter

August 2009

Happy 96th Birthday on 24 August to Tom McLennan, Boroughmuir's oldest, active supporter. Tom thoroughly enjoys his visits to Meggetland from his home in Carlops, and is an enthusiastic supporter of the Club's Annual Dinner and other events.   

The eldest of the McLennan clan of 4 who all attended Boroughmuir School, he developed the family hairdressing business in Bruntsfield to extend into Morningside, following this up with ownership of various hotels in the Borders and Edinburgh, eventually retiring from The Kestrel Hotel in Balerno.

Happy Birthday Tom


2nd XV Backs Coach

August 2009

Boroughmuir is please to announce that David Officer has agreed to take up the position of 2nd XV Backs Coach for the coming season.

This is part of Boroughmuir's commitment to strengthen their coaching staff across the whole club.

David brings vast experience as a player with Currie, Harlequins, Edinburgh Reivers and Scotland A and will be a valuable addition to the coaching strength at the club.


New Head Coach Announced

June 2009

The Board of Boroughmuir have appointed Scotland A international, former Edinburgh
pro player and last season's Boroughmuir 1stXV Captain, Fergus Pringle to succeed Eamon John as Head Coach. They are looking to recruit a backs coach to assist Fergus and details of further appointments will be announced in the coming weeks.
Fergus has made a great contribution to Boroughmuir since arriving from Edinburgh Rugby two years ago and has built up an excellent rapport with everyone at the club.

His commitment has been evident and, having gained coaching qualifications here, Fergus is keen to take the club forward.

He will remain a registered player, in order to provide cover at second row, but his focus will very much be on the coaching side next season.


New Backs Coach Appointed

June 2009

Boroughmuir are pleased to announce the appointment of former National Academy Manager and Edinburgh Assistant coach, Phil Smith, as backs coach.

Smith will bring a wealth of experience to the new coaching setup at Meggetland.


Top Scorers

As ever the website is keeping a track of the top scorers for Boroughmuir 1st XV, 2nd XV and the Boroughmuir Bears in competitive games this season as well as the overall top scorers for the senior club.


Senior Club


Stuart Clark



Ed Mills



Elgan O'Donnell




1st XV

 League Tries

Ed Mills


League Points

Elgan O'Donnell



Overall Tries

Ed Mills


Overall points 

Elgan O'Donnell





Stuart Clark



Chris Evans






Phil Bloomer



Steven Harris




Corporate Lunches

September 2008

Boroughmuir are proud to now offer Corporate Lunches at all home matches throughout the season. 

Package will include private suite, with top quality menu, afternoon tea post match and private bar. We can provide tables of 8-10, or the whole suite up to 24 places. This is a quality above previous match day hospitality and will be much sought after. 

The first game this is available for is the next home game against Glasgow Hawks on Saturday 13th September. Maybe your firm is based in Glasgow; have offices or a client base there and you wish to pull together a lively group with supporters for both teams? 

If you are interested in this, or any future matches, please contact Danny Rutterford ASAP to secure your day.  


1st XV v Watsonians

Kick-off Friday 18th December 7:30 p.m.



Stephen Ruddick


Tom Bury


Malcolm Clapperton


Mark Hare


Ed Mills


Greg Cottrell


Stuart McGee


Nick Fraser


Shaun McMurchy


Bronson Ross


Greig Scott


Neale Patrick


Lynton Brinck


Jamie Doubleday


Phil Cronin




Freddie Lait


Mike Stalley


Jamie Scott


Graeme Blackhall


Rob Cairns


Heriot's v 2nd XV


Kick-off 1:00 p.m.




Stuart Clark


Greg Cannie


Rob Cairns


Derek Murray (c)


Rhuaridh Inverarity


Ross Bradford


Chris Evans


Dale Gordon


Elliot Kempsell


Jamie Doubleday


Dave O'Gorman


Roddy Mackenzie


Greg Jones


Ali Edwards


Johnny Latta


Kevin Hourighan


Gordon Pearce


Jamie Scott


Dan Gilmore


Phil Cronin


Watsonians v Boroughmuir Bears


Kick-off 2:00 p.m.






S Clark








































A Clark